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Sep 1, 2020
Announcement By IAmTheValeyard

NonStopRP was a two-year project that saw multiple people build a community and a family that did so much. From the early days, it brought a lot of storylines, humor, sadness, and even arguments. That's kinda what families do. When it was announced that we were closing down, a lot of people felt at a loss. Especially within the team. The day after the announcement was made, I entered the extreme bargaining stage of grief. I reached out to Skinner and wanted to take over NonStop. After some conversations, I put together a team for a new project. A very strong, hard-working team who all share the same vision. Storytelling with fun. @Chance Noonan and @Jameslroll built something that went through some really amazing times. It's time to recapture what this community truly was. With that in mind, the current plan is that we are going to bring something old and something new. We are assessing everything to see if we can utilize NonStops 1.0 Framework with the best of 2.0 (not the health system and it will have trunks and gloveboxes). Oh and an economy that isn't a grindfest* (sorry).* Right now we don't have a set date, we are working extremely hard to make this launch successful and fun. You will see movement, removal, and additions to the core administration team. NonStop might be ending but we're not. We will give updates as and when we have them over the next couple of weeks and we hope that you guys come and join us.​
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